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Posted by Sab Jasinski on 3rd Sep 2018

If you have to choose one supplement to take, MSM is what I recommend for men and women of all ages. Here is why: Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an organic sulfur containing compound with numerous health benefits such as inflammation reduction, immune function and joint pain to name a few… It does this by providing all the cells in our body with bioactive sulfur which is one of the most important minerals for cell regeneration.

As our bodies age and metabolic processes slow down, cells regenerate slower, joints get stiff and energy levels fall. MSM is an awesome mineral to boost the energy levels all over the body with fantastic internal and external results! 

Historically MSM was used for race horses to strengthen their joints because it had a massive impact on collagen and elastin regeneration. This was then translated for human use and the benefits were endless.

MSM makes cells more permeable allowing them to get rid of junk inside. This “junk” is what causes inflammation, cell damage and cell death. Toxins are released and happy clean cells remain. MSM also eliminates the build up of lactic acid (from exercise, causing that annoying soreness) allowing recovery from sports to be quicker. 

Sulfur plays and important role in the production of Glutathione - one of the body’s most important antioxidants. Glutathione has an important part in protecting cells from oxidative damage and oxidative stress. As the body is enjoying all these fantastic benefits, just imagine how happy your skin is! 

Skin benefits: - Protects collagen from inflammation and degenerative enzymes - Gives the body minerals to generate new healthy cells - Allows the cell membranes to detox from waste products - Protects the skin from free radicals and UV damage - Maintains the cells natural pH value - Helps tone down scarring and acne - Strengthens hair and nails.

MSM supplements are available in pill or powder form in most health stores. Check out our super beautiful MSM range from Raw Gaia!