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Pyunkang Yul - Top Products

Pyunkang Yul - Top Products

Posted by Sab Jasinski on 18th Sep 2018

Let’s talk a bit about one of my favourite brands - Pyunkang Yul. Originally launched by the Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic, a clinic specialising in an array of skin disorders, they focus their attention on clean and safe ingredients (you would think all brands do this but unfortunatley it isn’t so). Their products are all made with gentle formulations that mimic the skins own sebum production, which makes them sink in effectively and skin is nourished, hydrated with no irritation. Common skin concerns that Pyunkang Yul focus on are dryness, oiliness, breakouts and uneven skin tone.

As we approach fall and move into colder weather (location: Stockholm) it means a transitional phase for many skin types due to lack of humidity/moisture in the atmosphere, a drop in temperature and additional indoor heating. These all affect skin hydration levels, oil production and that healthy glow, so it is important to asses your skincare and use products that reflect your concerns. Pyunkang Yul's product selection is excellent at targeting specific skin concerns as they use gentle and clean ingredients.

My 3 all time go to Pyunkang Yul staples:

Face Oil If you know me, I love oils. My skin needs them and feels at its best when an oil is involved in my skincare routine. This oil is quite spectacular as it has a light almost watery texture which sinks into the skin instantly. Jojoba oil is key here and has a very similar molecular structure to the skins sebum. Jojoba oil is also an amazing ingredient for people that suffer from breakouts as it neutralises oil production. With no residue, your skin is left radiant and protected from free radicals.

Moisture Cream Literally a dream in a jar. Containing no artificial fragrance and additives this moisture cream is designed for the most sensitive of skin types. It has a lightweight texture and a mild aroma of the natural ingredients it contains. Its suitable for all skin types and mixes well with serums, toners and oils. In the summer I use this product alone, while in the winter I use it with a serum.

Moisture Ampolue A slightly unusual product, a moisture ampoule is something between a serum and a gel.This is the last step of your skincare routine boosting moisture, locking in the goodness from previous steps.It is made of Coptis Japonica Root Extract which is known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-infection properties. It is perfect for skin that needs an additional hydration boost or want the "glass-face" look.

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