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Beazie X Solace Smiley Pendant - Know To Glow (7175495319715)
Beazie X Solace Smiley Pendant - Know To Glow (7175495319715)
Beazie X Solace Smiley Pendant - Know To Glow (7175495319715)
Beazie X Solace Smiley Pendant - Know To Glow (7175495319715)

Beazie X Solace Smiley Pendant

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Beazie X Solace Smiley Pendant (Gold)

When it became clear that there was an increase in domestic violence as a result of the Corona Virus, Beazie wanted to find a way to be involved with a charity offering solutions to the horrific problems exacerbated by the pandemic. Beazie researched online and found the Solace Women’s Aid website. Beazie was so impressed with the work they do, not least the emergency appeal, that she immediately decided to design a piece of jewellery to raise funds for them. Beazie created a smiley face pendant because their work brings hope and light back into the lives of abused women. Beazies custom made the pendant in the Solace coral colour and 50% of profits are sent to the charity.

It’s an honour to be able to collaborate with them and support them and the women they help.

There are countless women and children who are suffering at the hands of physical and emotional abusers. They have been particularly vulnerable whilst unable to escape in the period of enforced lockdown - but we must also remember that this is not a problem that goes away when the pandemic crisis is over. The physical and emotional abuse – the fear – women endure, in their own homes, is shocking and real and happening over and over, right now. I want to be a part of helping victims of domestic violence in London, my home, feel safe. 

For more information about the work of Solace Women’s Aid, please visit their website:


How to use

Wear it and smile! We have all been through shit in life and lets live and learn. Lead by example. Connect with your equals and grow together.  

✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿  😎 😄 😍


Your coral enamel smiley face pendant is created from brass, plated with either 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold or white rhodium. Please take good care of it and avoid getting lotions or perfume on it and do your best not to let it get wet. The ball bead chain is not produced by me, it is a temporary chain so that you are able to wear your pendant immediately. It is made from a coated metal, so please be aware that if you have metal allergies, or if you will wear your pendant often (as intended) you may want to put your pendant on your own chain or order a 925 silver chain (plated in 18k gold) from Beazie.

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