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Why we love Odacité Skincare

Odacités goal is to produce the most effective products, without unnecessary addatives and toxins.

They believe that effective and natural formulations are found in nature, and they base everything they do to ensure that they produce the most clean, fresh and bioactive ingredients out of what nature can provide. Odacité has built partnerships with farmers, growers, pickers and communities all over the world inorder to harvest, press, distill, ferment and extract extraordinary plants for their brand and then ship them directly to their California lab. Skincare companies tend to 'out-source' formulation labs but Odacité has their own, which is a big plus in our books as it ensures that the brand ethos is never altered or affected but outside factors.

Their products are always created in small batches, which is another important factor when working with plant extracts and essential oils. This keeps formulations fresh and equally it simplifies it for the customer - it minimises the risk of products expiring as you use up the product in the correct amount of time. This ensures that each formula instantly improves the way your skin looks and feels.

They only select botanicals that are organic, wild-crafted or grown without chemicals far away from pollution. Odacité never use any: Fillers, Preservatives, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Nanoparticles, Petrochemicals, PEG or Synthetic perfumes and dyes.

Odacités products are a mix of ancient medicinal plant knowledge with the research and clinical studies of modern science. Backed by clinical studies, skin phytotherapy (the treatment of skin with plants) is the combination of many years of experience and modern research. Humans found the benefits of plants thousands of years ago and developed powerful mixtures to treat and protect their skin:

• Wild Carrot seed oil was the beauty elixir of French queens.

• Cleopatra used Moringa oil to sustain her skin’s youth.

• In Japan, Geishas relied on Camellia oil, extracted from antioxidant-rich Green Tea seeds, to maintain skin luminescence.

• African women protect their skin from dryness with the oil of the mighty Baobab tree.

• Natives of the Amazonian forest refer to the Buriti tree as the “Tree of Life.” That’s what Buriti fruit oil does for your skin - it brings it back to life.

• Black Cumin seed oil has been used for centuries in the Middle East for its ability to create blemish-free skin.



Seeds are the essence of life, charged with precious oils that have power and energy to create a full plant. To have that power, seed oils are bursting with actives and nutrients:

• Rejuvenating vitamins

• Powerful antioxidants

• Protective essential fatty acids

• Vital active minerals

Actives carried by oil have the capacity to sink in deeper into the skin and improve the look of your skin.

Odacité choose each oil according to its unique skin compatibility and deep absorption. They then synergistically blend them with vibrant essential oils and powerful Vitamin E to create potent, targeted beauty elixirs.

Their oils are always freshly cold-pressed (never using heat or solvents) and 100% virgin to ensure high nutrient content. To guarantee long lasting vitality, they protect each blend in medicinal-grade violet glass bottles.

This extraction method, paired with a scientific selection ingredients according to each skin concern, makes the oil serums non-clogging, they get easily absorbed, are non-sensitising to the skin and can create the results you are expecting.

80% of our skin issues are independent of your skin type. Your skin issues are a result of a number of environmental factors you have minimal control over. For example, the weather, stress, pollution, sleep, diet, hormones...

These factors trigger daily changes in your skin and create different issues that need to be addressed to maintain happy and healthy skin every single day.

There is no one single product that can deliver hydration in the morning, fix pimple at night, and provide radiance the next day all at once. Your skin needs change weekly, daily even hourly sometimes. This is why Odacité created the 18 Serum Concentrates - so you can easily customise your skincare routine to meet your specific needs.

Each serum is a concentrated dose of actives; all you need is a couple of drops mixed in with your favourite moisturiser to improve the way your skin feels and looks.

Check out this incredible range here and enjoy the results of happy and healthy skin.

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