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Going into Autumn 2020

Here in Stockholm summer is officially over. Temperatures are slowly dropping and I'm looking for my favourite sweaters. This transitional time can be tricky for certain people (including me!) as the skin seems to loose that summer glow, spots and marks take an extra week or two to fade and that new skincare routine you bought a few months ago just doesn’t feel as good anymore.

Totally normal.

As temperature drops, in a country like Sweden, where there isn’t much humidity, there is less moisture in the atmosphere and it is literally being sucked out from the skin as well.

Many people start to experience dehydrated skin, chapped lips and skin sensitivity because the skin barrier is loosing moisture. But hey, we can fix this and pre-empt these issues from going too far.

First of all (if you don’t already) add a hydrating toner into your routine. Apply it after cleansing but before your serum. This will give you a quick boost of moisture without weighing your skin down. Using a toner throughout the colder months is an easy way to stop your skin from becoming dehydrated, and you’ll quickly find that your skin isn’t “eating up” the rest of your skincare products when applied to the skin.

Look out for toners high in Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate as these guys will attract moisture. Key point - always remember to layer your serum and moisturiser after your toner to "lock in" the moisture. If you're using a toner and letting it sit for a while, chances are that it will evaporate and draw out moisture from the skin. You don't want that. Remember to lock it down.

Chapped and sensitive lips. Oh my Godzilla - my lips go dry the moment it gets colder and it is incredibly annoying and painful. It is very common that we forget about our lips, especially if we are using treatment serums or retinols at night that should be avoided around the lip area. Applying a lip mask or products containing petrolatum before you hit the sack will stop this from happening. It will lock in moisture and allow any cracks to heal. This really works and when you wake up, lips are soft and smooth.

Pigmentation and brown spot treatments - If you’re anything like me, I use SPF every day and I follow all the “skincare rules” but I still find that in the months after summer, my pigmentation from spots  likes to linger for a while. Boosting your skincare routine with a spot treatment will help your skin metabolise these marks and give you an even skin tone.

It is very common that if you've been sporting a tan all summer and it starts to fade, clogged pores become more visible simply because the contrast of pore to skin tone is greater. No need to go crazy on the exfoliants but you can add a gentle BHA treatment and apply it to congested areas. This helps the skin loosen and exfoliate build up and in the long run make the skin tone even and smooth.

This summer was somewhat strange for all of us, Covid-19 with it's travel restrictions, working from home and the worry of our family members... Going into autumn 2020 has its pressures too. You might be back at your office, your kids may be back at school and life may be going back to a "new" normal. Social and work adjustments can definitely come with its stress and panic moments. So trying to incorporate small "me-time" habits can really relax the mind and let you charge your mental batteries.

Sheet masks are a wonderful way to boost the skins hydration levels but more importantly - it gives you that 10-15 minute breathing time. Let's face it, we are all stressed out and the coming of darker days doesn't make it easier. If you're not a sheet mask fan, cream based masks are equally as beneficial and easy to use.

I truly believe that skincare rituals such as a face mask twice a week can have an impact on your mental health as you take that little time for yourself. This is important - make time for yourself.





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