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Transition your Skincare to Colder Months

How to switch your skincare routine to fit the colder months.

“Start introducing protective products into your skincare routine as soon as the seasons change in order to prepare skin for any sudden cold shocks” 
It is getting colder out there and it's starting to affect your skin, right?Dryness, acne flares and less glow may be some of the things your skin is experiencing...Don't worry, this is completely normal and we are here to help you get your glow back.
Autumn is a fantastic time to repair the damage your skin may have experienced during summer. Heat, sun burns and a fading tan are things that we will help you with here.
We have a few tips for you to keep your winter glow game strong and easily transition your skincare into winter.  
👉🏼Switch your gel cleanser to an oil or cream.
By using a gentler and richer cleanser, it allows the skin barrier to stay protected and therefore the skin is hydrated for longer and does not have to work "over-time" to repair itself. Change your gel cleanser for a milky cream or balm. We love the Gentle Cleansing Balm from Creature of Habit. 
👉🏼Find a cream based moisturiser.
Your moisturiser should contain a higher amount of oil to water (sweet almond, jojoba, glycerin) in its formula. Ingredients such as shea butter, which has fats similar to those in the skin barrier, block moisture from escaping the skin, leaving the skin protected and moisturised.
Our all star favourite is the Maximum Impact Moisturiser from Mad About Skin
👉🏼Add a gentle exfoliation product to your routine. You can use a leave on toner, a mask or even a cleanser containing exfoliating ingredients such as glycolic, lactic and mandelic acids. It will reduce dehydrated and flaky patches and reveal fresh skin cells that will absorb your other skincare products more efficiently.
We recommend easing into exfoliation with Geek & Gorgeous Calm Down leave on toner - a wonderfully mild, yet effective exfoliant loved by all skin types. 
👉🏼Do not stop using SPF30 or higher.If you're a Know to Glow regular you know that we LOVE our SPF and we love our collection of sunscreens.
Do not stop using a sunscreen, even in winter - the rays from the sun (even when sitting by a window) still penetrate the skin and can cause you unwanted damage. Choose a sunscreen that is slightly heavier than the one you use using the summer, this will give your skin that extra boost of moisture and barrier support.  
👉🏼Avoid things that may cause skin irritation.
When you are showering or washing your face - try to keep the temperature of the water cool. This will protect the skin barrier. Also, avoid using strongly scented detergents on your clothing and bedding, the fragrance components can cause flare ups and annoy the skin barrier too.
Lastly, shop skincare products with little or preferably no fragrance and essential oils as these are known irritants. Luckily almost everything in our store is fragrance-free. Yay! 
👉🏼What are you eating?We can go on and on about skincare and what products you should use, but at the end of the day there is a lot more to healthy skin than skincare products. Having a healthy diet with regular bowel movement is key to healthy skin.
Summer holidays are usually higher in alcohol consumption and excessive sugar intake. This causes glycation - the bonding of a sugar molecule to a protein or lipid molecule without enzymatic regulation.
What actually happens is that glycation causes the skin loose its elasticity and protective nature, making your body (and skin) look and feel older.
Too much sugar eats away at the healthy structures of the body leaving it tired and saggy.
Get plenty if fresh vegetables and water, and your body will thank you!

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