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Budget Friendly Skincare and How to Simplify your Routine

Budget Friendly Skincare & How to Simplify your Routine

Times are tough for all of us - the current economic climate and events around the globe have caused prices to rise and our normal day-to-day habits seem to be costing us more than usual.

Luckily, we are here to help you minimise your skincare routine and in turn save you some cash.

If you really want to simplify your routine, start with the fundamental products such as cleansers and SPF. Cleansers ensure you have a fresh base for the application of your other skincare products. They remove dirt and oils that can cause irritation.

Our top budget pick is the Jelly Joker Cleanser from Geek & Gorgeous.

know to glow Jelly Joker Cleanser

It has a jelly-like, thick consistency and you only need a pea-sized amount of and its 150ml size will last you a very long time.

Sunscreen forever

Do not forget about SPF. No matter what time of the year it is, we are always exposed to harmful UV rays so make sure to protect your skin every day with SPF.

The great thing is that our selection of sunscreens are all hydrating and nourishing, with no white cast - meaning that you can skip your moisturiser and simply use your SPF instead. The larger sizes can be used on the face and are much better on your wallet in the long run! Boom.

See our sunscreens here. 


What are your skin goals?

If you have a skin concern that you want to target such as acne, wrinkles or glowing skin tone, add a serum to your routine. Use it before your sunscreen in the day, and after cleansing in the evening - only use a drop or two.

It is important to identify your skin goals when you are purchasing a new serum. Think about your main concerns - dryness, pimples, dull skin? See what will make you more confident in your own skin and this way you can start narrowing down your product choice.

You can then identify ingredients that will do the job and you will also see which skincare products are unnecessary for you.

Luckily there are some amazing ingredients that target a multitude of skin concerns.

An example is Niacinamide:

  • Clears the complexion. 
  • Evens out skin tone. 
  • Calms irritation. 
  • Strengthens the lipid barrier.
  • Hydrates. 
  • Minimises the appearance of pores. 
  • Protects against external stressors. 
  • Boosts the skins own immune defence.

By choosing a niacinamide - based product you can get more "bang for your buck" as this hero ingredient will do a multiple of things.

Another example is BHA or Salicylic Acid.

BHA works by helping the skin to shed dead cells from the top layer and by decreasing inflammation. This decreases the number of pimples that form and speeds healing. It also has protective benefits and works well together with sunscreen.

As with any skincare ingredient - some people do not tolerate niacinamide or BHA.  Our list below shows the most overall tolerated skincare ingredients. Look out for these guys when shopping - they protect, nourish, brighten, soothe and are packed with antioxidant activity.

Well tolerated Ingredients:

  • Squalane
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Licorice Root Extract:
  • Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oi

 Find what works for you and stick to it. And if you're having problems figuring this out we are here to help!

Summary Points to Take Away

  1. Cleanse your skin before applying your skincare products and before going to bed. A gentle cleanser removes dirt, oil, and debris, and helps prevent clogged pores and breakouts. To minimize irritation, limit face washing to twice a day and after sweating.

  2. Always use sun protection to protect your skin and help prevent wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer. Even if you are in the shade, wear sun-protective clothing, or apply sunscreen, sun protection is an important part of your daily skincare and healthcare routine. Apply sunscreen to all skin not covered by clothing.

  3. Treatment based serums are a great way to target YOUR skin needs. Find what ingredients work for you and stick to them. Do not buy products because they are hyped online or are trendy.

  4. Read the label. Look for products for your skin type and have your favourite ingredients.

  5. Consider using petroleum jelly. This inexpensive product can have several uses, including moisturising dry skin and for sealing in moisture, reducing trans epidermal water loss.

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