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Does using a sun protection daily really make your skin better?

"Use sun protection everyday..."

I never used to wear sun block on my face. When it was a sunny summer day I would deliberately not wear sun protection so I could “tan faster”. I know, this was spoken by a a so-called skincare expert. Luckily about a year ago I decided to change a few things in my life and one of them was to wear and sun protection. Every. Single. Day. I rarely get spots and pimples - I don't suffer from scarring or pigmentation. On occasion I will squeeze the s*** out of something (that was never there) and leave my skin with a beautiful red scab that slowly turns brown and decides to stick around for a while. I am 34 years old, always had a good complexion but i must say: my skin truly feels and looks much better having protected it from the sun these past months. Adding an SPF to my skincare routine not only fades the scarring but heals my skin much quicker. My skin tone has become more even and just feels healthier. UV rays are what cause ageing and damage to the skin and it is important to start with an SPF that you actually like wearing everyday. I see no point in buying products that reverse and prevent skin issues when you can stop so much by giving the skin its correct protection. The one I currently use: Purito - Centella Green Level Safe Sun  SPF 50
This is a refreshing and smooth formulation that sinks into the skin with minimal stickiness or white-cast.  It consists of a 70% water base and 3 essential ingredients; Centella Asiatica extract, Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin E. What I tried and also loved: Dermaceutic - K-Ceutic
A much thicker sunblock that has a slight tint to it leaving the skin dewy and protected. I treat this product almost as makeup. Dr. Jart+ - Every Sun Day Moisturising Sun
Another favourite from Dr. Jart+ - Every Sun Day Moisturising Sun leaves a slight white cast however if you massage it in it goes away quickly. This one is great if for an extra hydration boost and sits well under foundation.  To answer the question - Yes, find an SPF that you enjoy wearing and you will see your skin health improve.  Some products are better in different seasons and climates but if you take the time to find your routine it will be worth it today and in 10 years!

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