Combination Skin

Characteristics Combination skin can contain an oily T-zone with dry areas around the cheeks. People suffer from enlarged pores around the T-zone because of an overproduction of sebum. Breakouts, blocked pores and acne are typical characteristics too.

Recommended skincare Choose products that have a balancing effect on the skin and that contain hydration and protection. A basic routine can consist of hyaluronic acid serums, lightweight moisturisers and sun protection. 

Tip! Buy two types of moisturisers; one for dry skin and one for oily skin. Use them on the targeted areas and you will be sure that each section of your skin is getting the attention it needs. Equally, use 2 types of cleansing masks 2-3 times a week; one that exfoliates dead skin cells and removes sebum, and one that is moisturising and reparative.