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Naro - 100% Squalane Face Oil 30ml - Know To Glow

Naro - 100% Squalane Face Oil 30ml

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Naro - Squalane Face Oil

The Naro squalane face oil is derived from olive oil but never leaves a heavy film on the skin and never clogs pores. By using this face oil consistently, squalane helps prevent water loss and keeps the skin barrier healthy.

Perfect for: when skin is dry and dehydrated, needs a layer of "something heavier", skin that likes mixing & layering skincare.

 alcohol-free, fragrance & essential oil-free.



Squalane is a naturally present in sebum whose production significantly decreases after the age of 20, resulting in reduced elasticity of the skin. Skin becomes less plump, more dry and lifeless. Squalane nourishes and softens it in a way which is bioidentical to the way sebum does, at the same time providing it with additional essential fatty acids and an anti-oxidative effect.

How to use

Use a small amount of Naro (2-4 drops) as an oil booster for your favorite serum emulsion or cream as needed. Helps nourish the skin.


100% SQUALANE derived from Olives.

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