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About Us


At Know to Glow, we care about what really matters: you.

We look at you as an individual, not just a customer.

We're all constantly changing, just like the needs of our skin.

That's why our selection of products is different, effective and always honest about ingredients.

Every single skincare product here is cruelty-free


Welcome to our online skincare store... Located in Stockholm, Sweden we carry skincare from all around the world. 
We are skincare maniacs… and having used, tested and researched many products over the years we only want to represent the most interesting, innovative, fun and fresh skincare that we absolutely love and that are environmentally friendly too! All of the brands we carry are cruelty-free 🐰💕 

What is Know to Glow? 
A curated online skincare store with products we believe in and love. Our store is updated with the coolest items regularly, letting you browse cosmetics from all over the world. From London to Seoul, bringing together an original mix of skincare all under one virtual roof.

Here you’ll find both new and well-known brands, product reviews and news from the beauty world.  
From Korean Beauty to Scandinavian Beauty or Canadian brands to French, we select products with amazing formulations that we truly believe in. 
All stock is imported from around the world to Sweden by us and is sent to you from our warehouse in Stockholm. You never pay import charges.

Our Story 
Launched and executed  by Sab Jasinski, originally a biomedical scientist specialising in ingredients and skin health,  is passionate about health, skin and well made beauty products; “Friends come to me for skincare advice and therefore I decided to set up an online playground of beauty that I know everyone will love.” We believe that beauty starts from within; self-respect, self-love and the practice of being kind. The beauty industry is a crazy place where everyone will try to sell you "the best" products. Here we focus on your lifestyle and skincare needs. If all you need is a bit of love, we will give you that first!

Our Promise 
Skincare is bought through extensive research and customer engagement. Each product serves a purpose for someone based on up-to-date skincare trends and our philosophy. Every brand we carry has a beautiful story and believes in taking care of the planet, uses environmentally friendly ingredients and is equally passionate about quality and results as we are!

We Need You
Is there a brand or product you are having a hard time finding? Or do you know of a beauty find that would fit in right here? Tell us!